October 2017

Sun 01  Western CX League #5: Brunsdon 5th in Seniors



Mon 25  CCRL: Pilkington 2nd Overall

Mon 25  CCRL #13: Gilling wins Cricklade Kermesse

Sun 24  Western CX League #4: Brunsdon 2nd in Seniors, Packer 9th in V40

Sun 10  Western CX League #2: Brunsdon 3rd in Seniors



Wed 16  Aston Down Circuits #2: Cleaver 4th, Packer 8th and Ward 9th in 3/4

Wed 09  Aston Down Circuits #1: Cleaver 4th and Brunsdon 6th in 3/4



Sun 30  Tour of Witheridge Moor: Cleaver 3rd

Sun 23  Alan Goddard Newport Shropshire Road Race: Cleaver 11th

Sun 23  Stratford CC Open 50: Reynolds 8th in 1:58:23

Sun 16  Welwyn Garden City Petit Tour: Sheppard 4th in cat 4

Tue 11  Odd Down Summer Series #11: Brunsdon 3rd in cat 3/4



Fri 30  Pilkington wins GrimpĂ©e Look Alpe d'Huez [More]

Sun 25  Winchombe Kermesse Results... [More]

Sun 11  CCRL #5: Gilling 2nd


November 2016

Sun 20  Western League #10: Brunsdon 8th

Sun 13  Western League #9: Brunsdon 10th



Sat 29  Brivelo Autumn Series #2: Sheppard 4th in the 3/4

Sun 16  Western League #6: Packer 8th in Vets



Sun 25  CCRL: Gilling 3rd Overall

Sun 25  Western Cyclocross League #3: Brunsdon 7th

Thu 22  Super Marine Cyclocross Series: Brunsdon 2nd overall

Sun 18  Western Cyclocross League #2: Brunsdon 5th

Sun 11  CCRL #11: Gilling 5th

Sun 11  Western Cyclocross League #1: Brunsdon 4th



Sun 10  Winchombe Kermesse [More]

Sun 10  CCRL #6: Gilling wins



Sun 12  CCRL #4: Gilling 2nd



Sun 15  CCRL #2: Gilling 2nd


June 2015

Sun 21  Winchombe Kermesse [More]


July 2014

Sat 12  Odd Down Cycle Fest: Brunsdon wins 4ths

Tue 08  Odd Down Summer Series #5: Brunsdon wins 4ths



Sun 15  Winchombe Kermesse [More]



Fri 18  Castle Combe Easter Classic: Griffin 3rd in the 3rd cat


October 2013

Sun 20  Cyclo-Cross Western League #4: Brunsdon 4th (3rd Senior), Crossley 12th Vet.



Sun 15  Cyclo-Cross Western League #1: Brunsdon 5th in Seniors, Crossley 9th in Veterens



Sat 17  BC National Cross Country MTB #5: Brunsdon wins open male category [More]



Sun 14  Omloop Van Der Drie Dorpan: Harrison 4th D-cat

Fri 05  Circuit Series #2: [Photos] [More]



Fri 28  Circuit Series #1: [Photos] [More]

Sun 16  Winchcombe Kermesse [Photos] [More]

Thu 06  Castle Combe Summer Series #6: Griffin 2nd in the 3/4

Sun 02  Banbury Star Road Race: Smith 8th



Sun 26  Performance Cycles Road Race: Griffin 13th

Sun 19  South Region Championships: Marshall 5th Junior



Sun 21  Bristol South Road Race: Smith 3rd

Sat 20  Solihull CC Circuit Races #1: Griffin 5th



Sun 03  Severn Bridge Road Race: Marshall 8th in the 3/4/J [Photos]


July 2012

Fri 20  Circuit Series #3: [More]

Fri 13  Circuit Series #2: [Photos] [More]

Fri 06  Circuit Series #1: [Photos] [More]



Sun 17  Lloyd Coward Memorial Road Race: Smith 4th

Tue 12  The Gannets Hair of the Dog: Komor wins 4ths race and gains 3rd cat



Wed 30  Bath Crits #5: Ward 2nd in the 3/4 and wins overall series and Marshall 2nd in U16

Thu 24  Castle Combe Summer Series #4: Smith 3rd in the 3/4

Wed 23  Bath Crits #4: Ward 4th in the 3/4

Thu 17  Castle Combe Summer Series #3: Griffin 3rd and Packer 4th in the 3/4

Wed 16  Bath Crits #3: Ward 3rd and Smith 5th in the 3/4

Thu 10  Castle Combe Summer Series #2: Packer 5th and Griffin 6th in the 3/4

Wed 09  Bath Crits #2: Ward 3rd in the 3/4 and Marshall 3th in the U16

Wed 02  Bath Crits #1: Ward 3rd in the 3/4 and Marshall 4th in the U16



Sun 08  WAOD Oosteeklo: Green 18th and Packer 27th

Sat 07  WAOD Westkerke: Green 17th and Ward 34th

Fri 06  Castle Combe Easter Classic: Smith wins 4ths and Green 4th in 3rds



Sun 25  Pinvin LVRC: Harrison 1st in cat C

Sun 25  Omega Thruxton Circuits: Green 2nd and Griffin 5th in the 3s, Smith 5th in the 4s

Sun 18  Chard Wheelers Spring Circuit Races: Griffin 4th



Sat 14  Ludgershall Winter Series #1: Ward 4th in the 3/4


July 2011

Sun 24  Colin Carfield Road Race: Ryan 9th

Sun 17  Stourport LVRC Circuits: Harrison 3rd

Sun 17  Chard Wheelers Huish Episcopi Road Race: Ryan 2nd and Cleaver 11th

Tue 12  Cotswold League: Overall: VCM first team, Green 3rd and Packer 4th

Sun 10  Shrewbury LVRC Crits: Harrison 3rd in cat C

Sun 10  TMG Horizon Road Race: Addis 3rd and Ryan 7th

Sat 09  Oakley Village Road Race: Cleaver 6th

Thu 07  Castle Combe Summer Series #10: Cleaver 11th in E/1/2

Tue 05  Cotswold League: Chedworth: Packer wins and Green 2nd

Sun 03  Steve Taylor Memorial Road Race: Cleaver 7th

Fri 01  Circuit Series #2: Walsh Takes Racecourse Grand Finale [More]



Fri 24  Circuit Series #1: Jamieson Takes First Racecourse Victory [More]

Tue 21  Cotswold League: Staunton: Packer 7th

Sun 19  George Greaves Memorial Road Race: Cleaver 6th and Ryan 8th

Thu 16  Castle Combe Summer Series #7: Packer 4th in 3/4s

Sun 12  John Andrews Memorial Road Race: Ryan 12th

Thu 09  Castle Combe Summer Series #6: Packer 7th in 3/4s

Thu 02  Castle Combe Summer Series #5: Packer 4th in 3/4s



Tue 31  Milton Keynes LVRC Circuits: Harrison 4th

Mon 30  Tour of Carmarthenshire: Ryan 3rd and Addis 14th

Thu 26  Castle Combe Summer Series #4: Addis 7th and Ryan 11th in the E/1/2

Sun 22  Regional Championships: Ryan 12th

Thu 19  Castle Combe Summer Series #3: Willis 6th in the 3/4s

Tue 17  Milton Keynes LVRC Circuits: Harrison 5th

Sun 15  Scorpion CS Stage Race: Cleaver 6th on Stage 1 and 10th Overall

Thu 12  Castle Combe Summer Series #2: Packer 8th in 3/4

Tue 10  Milton Keynes LVRC Circuits: Harrison 5th

Sun 08  Halesowen Road Race: Ryan 6th



Fri 29  Royal Wedding Bike Ride [More]

Sun 17  Noel Jones Memorial Road Race: Ryan 2nd

Sat 16  Somerset Spring Circuit Races #2: Griffin 2nd

Sun 10  Legstretchers Memorial Road Race: Ryan 19th and Eichler 26th in the E/1/2

Sun 03  Thames Velo Spring Road Race: Eichler 10th in the E/1/2



Wed 30  Ray Martin Memorial League #1: Ryan 4th in the 3/4

Sun 27  Cotswold 2-Day: VC Montpellier win team prize

Sun 27  Cotswold 2-Day: Green 3rd and McInnes 4th overall

Sun 27  Omega Thruxton Circuits: Ryan 9th in the 3rds

Sat 26  Cotswold 2-Day: Green 4th on stage 2

Sat 26  Cotswold 2-Day: Green 2nd and McInnes 7th in the prologue

Sun 20  Omega Thruxton Circuits: Ryan 3rd in the 3rds

Sat 19  Upavon Winter Series #11: Ryan 5th in the 3/4

Sun 13  Spring Chicken Road Race: Ryan 2nd



Sat 26  Upavon Winter Series #8: Ryan 7th in the 3/4

Sat 19  Upavon Winter Series #7: Ryan 5th in the 3/4



Sun 23  Western Cross League: Addis 8th overall


October 2010

Sun 10  Stroud Cyclo Cross: Addis wins

Sun 03  Eagle Road Race: Coombs 2nd

Sun 03  Purdown Cyclo Cross: Addis 5th



Sun 19  Steve Taylor Memorial Road Race: Parry 2nd

Sun 19  Gloucester Cyclo Cross: Addis 4th

Sat 18  Shrewsbury Circuit Races: Falder 2nd in the E/1/2/3



Mon 16  Upavon Summer Series: Packer 2nd in the 3/4

Sun 15  Chippenham & Distrist Wheelers Road Race: Parry wins the E/1/2/3

Thu 12  Castle Combe: Parry 3rd in the E/1/2



Sun 25  National Masters Road Race Championships: Parry 6th

Mon 19  Upavon Summer Series: Smith 2nd in the 3/4

Thu 15  Milton Keynes Circuit Series: Coombs 4th in the E/1/2

Tue 13  Cotswold League: Poulton: Brookhouse wins and McInnes takes overall

Mon 12  Upavon Summer Series: Smith 2nd in the 3/4

Fri 09  Circuit Series #4 [Photos] [More]

Fri 02  Circuit Series #3 [Photos] [More]

Thu 01  Castle Combe Summer Series: Parry 4th



Fri 25  Circuit Series #2 [Photos] [More]

Thu 24  Castle Combe Summer Series: Parry 9th

Tue 22  Cotswold League: Staunton: Coombs 1st, McInnes 3rd and Packer 7th

Sun 20  Kalas Cup 2-Day: Parry wins stage 4

Sat 19  Darley Moor Circuit Series: Cowley 2nd

Fri 18  Circuit Series #1 [Info] [Photos] [More]

Mon 14  Upavon Summer Series #4: Hopkins 3rd and Smith 6th in the 3/4

Sat 12  Minet Park Festival Race: Coombs 7th

Tue 08  Cotswold League: Toddington: Coombs 4th and McInnes 8th

Sun 06  Gerry Hughes Memorial: Addis 2nd

Thu 03  Mallory Park Circuit Race League: Coombs 4th and Cowley 7th



Mon 31  Upavon Summer Series #2: Parry 6th in the E/1/2

Sun 30  Dumfries Bikefest Grand Prix: Coombs 26th

Sun 30  Baxter & King Construction Road Race: Falder 13th in the E/1/2

Sun 23  South Division Championships: Parry 2nd in the E/1/2

Mon 17  Cotswold League: Down Ampney: McInnes 6th and Jones 10th



Mon 26  Thames Velo Spring Road Race: Parry wins, Coombs 9th and Falder 15th in the E/1/2

Sat 24  Echelon Spiuk Road Race: Parry 2nd and Coombs 8th

Sun 18  Archer Spring Road Race: Coombs 15th in the 1/2/3

Sun 18  Auchterlonie Memorial Handicap #2: Parry 7th

Sun 11  Ham Hill Road Race: Coombs 14th in the E/1/2



Sun 28  Betty Pharoah Memorial Legstretchers: Parry 5th and Coombs 7th in the E/1/2

Sat 27  Darley Moor Circuits: Cowley 6th

Sun 21  Evesham Vale Road Race: Falder 9th and Parry 13th

Sun 21  Tom Hawkins Memorial Road Race: Addis 3rd

Sun 14  LVRC @ Towster: Hopkins first Cat A

Sun 14  Upavon Winter Series #10: Addis 9th in the E/1/2

Sat 06  Paramount Circuit Race Series #1: Falder 4th and Coombs 11th



Sat 27  Upavon Winter Series: Parry 6th and Addis 13th in the E/1/2



Sat 23  Upavon Winter Series: Addis 9th in E/1/2


November 2009

Wed 25  Gloucestershire Sports Awards: VCM win senior team of the year



Wed 26  Ray Martin Autumn Finale League #1: Coombs 6th

Mon 24  Upavon Summer Series: Cook 3rd in the 3/4 and achieves 2nd cat

Thu 13  Castle Combe Summer Series: Pain wins the overall

Mon 10  Upavon Summer Series: Cook 8th in the 3/4

Thu 06  Castle Combe Summer Series #14: Pain 3rd



Sun 19  National Masters Road Race Championships: Coombs 4th

Tue 14  Cotswold League: Coombs wins the overall and Green second

Tue 14  Cotswold League: Ashton Down: Coombs 3rd and Packer 4th

Sun 12  South Circuit Racing Festival: Cook 8th in the 3/4

Thu 09  Team Tor 2000 Circuit Series #6: Standen 5th in the E/1/2

Thu 09  Castle Combe Summer Series #10: Pain 4th and Coombs 5th in the E/1/2

Sun 05  Omega Thruxton Circuits: Standen 3rd and Pain 7th in the E/1/2

Sun 05  Ras de Cymru [More]

Thu 02  Castle Combe Summer Series #9: White 2nd



Tue 30  Cotswold League: Aldbourne: Coombs 2nd and Packer 6th [More]

Mon 29  Upavon Summer Series: Pain 4th in the E/1/2 and Cook 8th in the 2/3/4

Fri 26  Circuit Series #4: [Photos] [More]

Tue 23  Cotswold League: Staunton: Pain wins and Coombs 2nd [More]

Fri 19  Circuit Series #3: [Photos] [More]

Sun 14  Susies Circuits (Thruxton): Cook 8th in the 3s

Fri 12  Circuit Series #2: [Photos] [More]

Thu 11  Castle Combe Summer Series #6: Pain wins and Coombs 4th

Wed 10  Cotswold League: Winchcombe: Green 3rd and Coombs 4th [More]

Fri 05  Circuit Series #1: [Photos] [More]



Sun 31  South Region Championships: Standen 12th and Coombs 17th

Thu 28  Castle Combe Summer Series #4: Pain 5th, Mattinson 7th and Packer 8th

Sun 24  Kings of Wessex Road Race: Pain 15th and Coombs 17th

Sat 23  Totnes Town Centre Crits: Packer 4th

Thu 21  Castle Combe Summer Series #3: Pain wins and Mattinson 4th

Sun 17  Blackdowns Grand Prix: Pain 8th and Coombs 10th

Thu 14  MKCA Summer Series #5: Coombs 3rd

Thu 14  Castle Combe Summer Series #2: Pain 4th and Packer 9th

Sun 10  BEC CC Road Race: Pain 2nd in the E/1/2/3 race in Surrey

Sun 10  Birmingham CC Crits: Packer 2nd in the 3s race

Thu 07  Castle Combe Summer Series #1: Pain 3rd

Tue 05  Bash: May to August routes [More]

Sun 03  Lichfield City Spring Road Race: Green 9th



Sun 26  AW Cycles Spring Road Race: Pain 2nd in the E/1/2

Sun 26  Reading Spring Road Race: Packer 5th in the 3/4

Sun 26  Echelon 2-Day: Standen 4th overall and Mattinson 5th overall

Sat 25  Echelon 2-Day: Mattinson 2nd and Standen 8th on stage 1 [Photos]

Sun 19  Totnes-Vire 2-Day: Pain 9th on stage 3 and 8th overall

Sun 19  Two Counties Road Race: Packer 3rd

Sat 18  Totnes-Vire 2-Day: Pain 8th on stage 1

Fri 10  Castle Combe Easter Classic: Pain 5th in the E/1/2

Sun 05  Legstretchers: Coombs 7th in the E/1/2

Sun 05  Thames Velo: Cook 9th in the 3/J



Sun 29  Ham Hill Road Races: Pain 4th in the E/1/2

Sun 29  Dengie Marshes Tour: Coombs 14th

Sun 22  High Wycombe CC Road Race: Hopkins 5th in the 3/4

Sun 22  Thruxton Crits: Standen 8th and Coombs 11th in the E/1/2

Sun 22  Thruxton Crits: Cook 8th in the 3/J

Sat 21  Shrewsbury Crits: Coombs 6th in the E/1/2

Sat 21  Mark Cavendish wins Milan - San Remo!!!

Sun 15  Thruxton Crits: Hill 7th in the 3/J

Sun 08  Thruxton Crits: Standen 4th, Pain 6th and Mattinson 13th in E/1/2

Sun 08  Thruxton Crits: Cook 7th and Packer 9th in 3/J

Sun 08  Jock Wadley: Coombs 23rd in the 90 mile E/1/2 road race in Essex

Sat 07  San Fairy Ann Spring Circuits: Coombs 4th in the E/1/2



Sat 28  Team Launch [More]

Sat 28  Upavon Winter Series: Cook 4th in the 3/4 and 3rd overall in series

Sat 21  Upavon Winter Series: Cook 8th in the 3/4

Sat 14  Upavon Winter Series: Cook 6th in the 3/4

Sun 08  Perfs Pedal Race: Cook 30th in the season opener for E/1/2/3s [More]

Wed 04  Great Britain's Mark Cavendish wins the fourth stage of the Tour of Qatar

Mon 02  Great Britain's Roger Hammond wins first road stage of Tour of Qatar



Sat 31  Upavon Winter Series: Coombs 2nd in the E/1/2 and Hopkins 6th in the 3/4

Sat 24  Upavon Winter Series: Coombs 5th in the E/1/2 and Cook 10th in the 3/4

Thu 01  Happy New Year to everyone – here's to another great season!


December 2008

Fri 26  Imperial Winter Series: Coombs 6th in the E/1



Sun 05  Downton 2-Day: Mattinson wins road stage and Coombs 6th overall



Sun 28  Blenheim Palace Road Race: Coombs 9th in the Elite criterium

Sat 20  Shrewsbury Circuits: Coombs 3rd in the E/1/2 and claims Elite licence

Sat 13  Ilton Circuit Races: Coombs 5th in the E/1/2

Sat 06  Ilton Circuit Races: Coombs 6th in the E/1/2



Sat 23  Eastridge NPS: Bernard 28th in the Sport race [More]

Mon 18  Upavon Summer Series: Coombs 3rd in the E/1/2

Sun 10  National Services Road Race: Mattinson is national champion [More]

Sun 03  Gateway to the Beacons: Biggs 11th on the mountainous course



Sun 27  Tour of the Black Mountains: Cook achieves gold standard [More]

Mon 21  Cotswold League: Willis 2nd and Smith 3rd at Aston Down [More]

Mon 21  Cotswold League: Green wins overall and VCM top team

Thu 17  Tour de France: Cavendish wins again!

Wed 16  Cotswold League: Mattinson 2nd and Packer 5th at Chedworth [More]

Mon 14  Upavon Summer Series: Coombs 7th and Mattinson 9th in the E/1/2

Sun 13  Oakley Village Races: Cook 2nd in the 4ths race (and moves up to 3rd category)

Wed 09  Tour de France: Britain's Mark Cavendish wins stage 5

Wed 09  Portsmouth Circuits: Coombs 5th in the E/1/2

Tue 08  Cotswold League: Mattinson 3rd and Green 4th at Liddington

Mon 07  Upavon Summer Series: Mattinson 2nd in the E/1/2

Sun 06  Ras de Cymru – Results and Reports: [More]

Sun 06  Premier Calendar: Coombs 32nd in the Blackpool Grand Prix [More]

Sun 06  Thruxton Circuits: Griffin 6th in the 3rds and Cook 4th in the 4ths [More]

Tue 01  Cotswold League: Green 5th and Packer 6th at Winchcombe [More]

Tue 01  CCRL Road Race [More]



Sun 29  Stratford Road Race: Green 2nd and we win the best team prize [Photos]

Sun 29  Certini Tor 2 Day: Biggs 15th in the tough stage race in Devon

Sun 29  Cycle Kingdom Classic: Coombs 20th in the hilly elite race in Hampshire

Tue 24  Cotswold League: Green 6th and Griffin 7th at Staunton

Sat 21  Shrewsbury Circuit Races: Cleaver 4th in the 3/4 event

Thu 19  Milton Keynes: Coombs 3rd in the E/1/2

Thu 19  Exeter Wheelers Crits: Cleaver 7th in the regional race for 3/4s

Tue 17  Cotswold League: Green wins the opening round

Sun 15  Susies Crits: Hopkins 5th in another bunch sprint today

Sun 15  Jean Baker Memorial: Green 2nd as the tough race finishes in a bunch sprint

Sun 08  Kalas Sportswear 2 Day: Coombs 6th overall (including 5th on last road stage) in the tough Elite stage race

Sun 08  Banbury Road Race: Green 10th on the hilly circuit

Sun 01  Southern Divisional Championships: Coombs finishes a strong 9th

Sun 01  Cheltenham Open 25: Three of the team go under the hour [More]



Sun 25  Castle Coombe: Mattinson 3rd in the E/1/2 event

Thu 22  Milton Keynes Criterium: Coombs 5th in the E/1/2 event

Tue 20  Down Ampney: Mattinson wins the scratch group race [More]

Sun 18  Worcester Spring Road Race: Green 19th in the local E/1/2/3 event

Thu 15  Team Tor Circuit Races: Mattinson 4th in the E/1/2

Mon 12  Tour of Ireland Challenge: Booth 36th covering 500 miles in 4 days

Sat 10  Tour of the Milburys: Mattinson 7th overall (3rd on road stage)

Sun 04  Plan B Stage Race: Mattinson 4th overall (3rd stages 1 and 2) [More]

Thu 01  Castle Coombe: Mattinson 5th

Thu 01  Castle Coombe Summer series starts [More]



Sun 27  CiCLE Classic: Coombs lines up for Britain's Spring classic [More]

Sat 26  Milton Keynes (LVRC): Harrison 4th in the Cat-C (50-54)

Thu 24  Mallory Park: Coombs 7th in the E/1/2/3

Sun 20  Totnes - Vire: Coombs finishes 12th overall in the elite stage race in Devon

Wed 16  Britain's Mark Cavendish wins the pro race Scheldeprijs in Belgium



Sun 30  LVRC: Harrison 12th at Pinvin

Sun 30  Sportives: Booth 35th home in the 100 mile Chesire Cat (~500 starters)

Sat 15  Paramount Circuit Races: Coombs wins the 1/2 race

Sun 09  Thruxton Circuit Races: Packer 6th and Griffin 8th

Sun 09  Bikeline 2 Day: Coombs places 29th on final stage

Sat 08  Roy Thame Cup & Spring Chicken: Mattinson 7th in the E/1/2 and Packer 4th in the 3/4 [More]

Fri 07  Cardiff Winter Series: Rawlings 3rd in 4ths and Mattinson 5th in 2/3

Sun 02  Severn Bridge Road Race: Mattinson is 21st on a tough windy course

Sat 01  Paramount Circuit Race: Coombs places 3rd in the 1/2 race



Tue 26  Team Launch Press Release [More]

Fri 22  Cardiff Winter Series: Mattinson and Brookhouse both get 2nd [More]

Wed 20  Team Launch – Monty's Cocktail Bar (George Hotel) – 7:30pm

Sat 16  Upavon Winter Series: Coombs places 4th and Mattinson 8th in the E/1/2 [More]

Fri 15  Cardiff Winter Series: Jones wins first race for team [More]

Tue 12  Britain's Steve Cummings wins stage 2 of the Giro della Provincia di Reggio Calabria [More]

Sun 10  Perfs Pedal Race: Mattinson places in the top 20 [More]

Sat 09  Upavon Winter Series: Hopkins 2nd in 3/4 [More]

Sat 02  Upavon Winter Series: Coombs 7th in E/1/2 [More]

Sat 02  Training Weekend [More]



Sat 26  Upavon Winter Series: Mattinson 2nd in E/1/2 and 3rd-5th in the 3/4 [More]

Sat 19  Upavon Winter Series: Wayne Coombs places 6th in the E/1/2 race. [More]


December 2007

Thu 27  Colin's 10 Hills. Meet 9:30am at Upton-St-Leonards Church. Also a group will meet at 8:45am opposite Morgans in Montpellier.

Sun 23  Christmas Social, 3:00pm. Venue TBA.

Wed 19  Christmas Carols, King's Head, Withington. [More]



Sun 04  Cheltenham & County's winter training rides start.



Thu 25  The 2008 Tour de France route is announced. More info here.

Sat 20  Cunego wins Tour of Lombardy.