Based in Cheltenham, UK

Code of Conduct


1. Obey by the Highway Code

Not only are we racing cyclists but we are seen by the public as general everyday cyclists sharing our road with motor vehicles. We, as with all road users, must therefore obey by the Highway Code. Our ethos behind this is to portray a respectable image to the general public for the good of the sport and cyclists alike.

2. Support the racing of the Team

As a cycle racing Team our focus is on racing. It is therefore important that each member fully supports their fellow riders. This may include supporting the first Team in big races such as Premier Calendar races and may include helping at feed zones or driving support vehicles.
It also include working together during a race to maximise the chances of the team obtaining the best result possible. This promotes Team spirit which a primary focus for Velo Club Montpellier.

3. Always wear Team clothing on official rides

Your Team wear has been specifically designed to put the rider first both in terms of style and comfort. It is therefore expected that for maximum publicity of the Team and the sport our clothing is worn at all times, particularly on official Team rides and in races. Both Team training rides and racing will be visually dynamic and eye catching in order to promote the sport and the sponsors of Velo Club Montpellier.

4. Press Officer to be informed of all race results

Communication will be key for the continued success and growth of Velo Club Montpellier. It is therefore important that following a race the Press Officer is informed of the result. By showing an active racing presence this will promote the Team and its sponsors, whilst also informing fellow riders of their successess.

5. Promote Cycle Sport

All riders must promote cycle sport, not only for fellow racing cyclists, but also the general public. At every opportunity, as a rider, our chosen sport should be promoted in a positive light. With an ever increased number entering our sport, publicity and press coverage needs to be encouraged, especially from you as rider. Velo Club Montpellier will also be collectively promoting events in 2008 and beyond.

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