Sunday 16 June 2013

Gilling Wins Winchcombe Kermesse

Rory Gilling of Performance Cycles won the inaugural Winchcombe Kermesse to claim the Pat Smith Memorial Trophy on Sunday 16th June.    

The Winchcombe Kermesse saw a quality field of 70 riders  including those from Node 4 Giordana, MG Maxifuel, Ride 24/7, Dream Cycling, Urban Cyclery and host club Velo Club Montpellier. All were competing for the Winchcombe Town Council sponsored Pat Smith Memorial Trophy. The race formed the third round of the Cotswold Cycle Racing Series and, in total, covered a punishing distance of 100km.  It was started by Meg Smith and Town Councillor, Ron Harrison.

The inaugural cycle race saw riders complete 10 testing laps of a race circuit that encompassed Greet village and finished outside Winchcombe secondary school. Large crowds had gathered in both locations to watch the race that was being promoted by Velo Club Montpellier, with support from Winchcombe Cycling Club.  

The first lap of the race was completed at a startling pace, with riders eager to make their mark on the early one. Although flat in profile, the route contained two surprisingly difficult ‘berg’ style climbs which saw some losing contact early on and which played a deciding role in the overall outcome of the race.  

The pace on subsequent passes of the climbs, at ‘Black Barns’ and ‘Littleworth’, meant that with each lap many riders were struggling to hold wheels. Gaps started to form in the peloton and a flurry of aggressive attacks then ensued, with the most meaningful attempt by Cheltenham based Leisure Lakes Bikes rider, Richard Cleaver  (eventual winner of the Inside Out Most Aggressive Rider Prize) gaining up to 40 second at one point.  

On the penultimate lap, riders, including Cotswold League leader, Michael Ward (Ride 24/7),  started to position themselves ready for the final lap and Cleaver’s brave attempt out front was pulled back by the peloton. The final lap was fast and aggressively contended. The final ascent of the climbs saw last ditch attacks in an attempt to escape the fast moving peloton.

A strong remaining bunch of 20 or so riders contested the bunch sprint for the finish line outside Winchcombe school, with under 23 rider, Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles), able to hold off an aggressive group of riders with a powerful sprint for the line. Gilling not only won the Pat Smith Memorial and Forgeability Winners Trophy, which was presented by Pat's widow, Meg Smith, but also took the Lady Janes Tea Room’s Best Under 23 Rider and 3rd Cat prizes.  

The race was sanctioned by British Cycling and was promoted by Cheltenham based Velo Club Montpellier. The race was generously supported by Winchcombe Cycling Club, Winchcombe Town Council, Forgeability, Inside Out and Lady Janes Tea Rooms.  The next event in the Cotswold Cycle Racing League series will be held near Guiting Power on 14th July and will be promoted by Cheltenham and County Cycling Club. Velo Club Montpellier will be promoting British Cycling circuit racing at Cheltenham Racecourse on 28th June and 5th July 2013.


 1. Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles)
 2. Robert Willcocks (Royal Air Force CC)
 3. Daniel Marshall (Bristol Cycling Development Squad)
 4. Lee Davis (Node4 - Giordana Racing)
 5. James Phillips (Severn RC)
 6. Scott Chalmers (Dream Cycling)
 7. Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling)
 8. Peter Medhurst (University of Exeter Cycling Club)
 9. Ben Carty (Private)
10. Kieron Smith (Velo Club Montpellier)
11. Malcolm Dixon (Severn RC)
12. Michael Ward (Ride 24/7)
13. Joe Barry (Performance Cycles)
14. Ben Davis (Bristol RC)
15. Rowan Marshall ( RT)
16. Harry Snow (North Devon Wheelers - South Fork)
17. Adrian Lawson (Cadence RT)
18. Jamie Wilkins (Procycling Magazine RT)
19. Harry Walton (Cheltenham & County CC)
20. Daniel Marks (Bristol RC)
21. Cameron Foster (Club Corley Cycles)
22. Nigel Williams (Python Racing Team)
23. Roger Prior (Zappi's Cycling Club)
24. Luke Souter (Banbury Star CC)
25. Aled Jones (AVSOMPOL CC)
26. Austyn Tusler (Norwood Paragon CC)
27. Stuart Williams (Reading CC)
28. Owen Owen (Rutrainingtoday CC)
29. Bevan Humphreys ( RT)
30. Will Hunt (Norwood Paragon)
31. Richard Williamson (Gannet CC)
32. Philip Mason (Climb On Bikes CC)
33. Richard Cleaver (Leisure Lakes
34. David Medhurst (Cardiff Ajax CC)
35. Hugh Knudsen (Private)
36. Justin Harcourt ( RT)
37. #83
38. Matthew Franklin (Team Diabetes UK)
39. #85
40. Lee Finch (Gloucester City CC)
41. Matthew Exley (
42. Thomas Leach (Gloucester City CC)
43. Matthew Ullmer (Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC)
44. Mitch Evans (Ride 24/7)
45. Tom Marshall (Velo Club Montpellier)
46. Justin Belcher (Banbury Star CC)
47. Mark Munns (Ride 24/7)
48. Myles Gerrard (Southfork
49. Michael Ford (Salisbury Road and Mountain CC)


Prize Winners:

Winchcombe Town Council Pat Smith Memorial Trophy - Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles)

Forgeability Winners Trophy - Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles)

Inside Out Most Aggressive Rider - Richard Cleaver (Leisure Lakes Bikes)

Lady Janes Tea Rooms First Under 23 Rider - Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles) First 3rd Cat - Rory Gilling (Performance Cycles)