Friday 19 June 2009

Leisure Lakes Circuit Series Round 3

Bowater Wins but Jamieson Closes in on Overall Lead

Friday night saw the penultimate round (3) of the Leisure Lakes Bikes Circuit Series at Cheltenham racecourse. As ever, a large and enthusiastic crowd had gathered for an evening of top class cycle racing at the prestigious venue. The racing was fast, at speeds over 30mph and the cash sprints (primes) throughout the race quickly split the contest apart.

Raising star, Perry Bowater (CC Giro) had turned up for the main race as well as his main rival and local racer, Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing). In an attempt to gain points on Bowater and win the round, the Felt Racing team had sent strong team-mates Richard Mardle and David Curtis-Whitfield in order to aid Jamieson’s efforts throughout the testing hour long high octane race.

Mardle proved invaluable right from the start. After only 5 minutes of racing, he put in a strong attack on the ascent to the finish area. The remaining peloton, which numbered 40 riders in total, watched each other nervously. Mardle quickly established a good lead but the gap produced was easily bridgeable. This strong move off the front forced Bowater to chase, Jamieson, of course, marked this move and a lead group of three was quickly established.

Behind, the remaining peloton started to fragment as the chasers attempted to bridge the gap. Oliver Graham (Arctic Premier), Simon Burgess (Severn RC) and Adrian Bird (Team Echelon-Spiuk) were all aggressive attackers on the tough hill to the finish. Curtis-Whitfield played a great marshalling role on the front of the peloton in order to make sure that his team-mates, who were now leading, were not caught. Incidentally, the hill had been nicknamed by the commentator as ‘Landry Hill’ after Phil Landry, manager of Leisure Lakes, who’s shop sponsor’s the race series.

As the racing entered its final stages, Bowater wrapped up the 40 minute sprint prime, once again winning the £100 pair of Specialized sunglasses. Mardle and team-mate Jamieson, were now diligent in their quest to drop Bowater from this small but hard working group, which were now well on their way to contesting the finish of the race. However, with only one lap remaining, Bowater still looked strong and continued to chase down the efforts of Mardle and Jamieson. The finish was therefore contested in a fast gallop to the finish, with Bowater taking his third win of the series and Jamieson once again taking second place, as he had done the previous week. Team-mate Mardle took third.

In the minor placings, strongman Graham (Arctic Premier) took fourth and Burgess (Severn RC) took a well deserved fifth place. In the women’s race, Jacqueline Garner, riding for the World Champion’s Nicole Cook’s Vision 1 Racing Team, took her second win of the series.

Bowater continues to hold the lead in the overall series and looks very likely to win the Specialized bike that is on offer. Jamieson however follows close behind and will be racing full throttle in the last round of the series which will be held this Friday 26th June.

A BBQ and drinks will also be provided at this event which will once again contribute to the festival atmosphere at the racecourse. Entry to spectators is again free.

 1. Perry Bowater (CC Giro)
 2. Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing)
 3. Richard Mardle (Felt Racing)
 4. Oliver Graham (Arctic Premier)
 5. Simon Burgess (Severn RC)
 6. David Curtis-Whitfield (Felt Racing)
 7. Adrian Bird (Team Echelon-Spiuk)
 8. Ewan McDonald (Epic Cycles-Viner RT)
 9. Daniel Bill (Team Echelon-Spiuk)
10. Mark Williams (Python Racing)
11. Lewis King (Private Member)
12. Roger Harris (Gloucester City)
13. Scott Law (Evesham Wheelers)
14. Rupert Denny (Team Swift)
15. Phil Landry (Leisure Lakes RT)

 1. Jacqueline Garner (Vision 1 Racing)
 2. Fiona Telfer-Brunton (One & All Cycling/Bike Chain Ricci)

 1. Perry Bowater (CC Giro)                30
 2. Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing)          26
 3. Oliver Graham (Arctic Premier RT)      14
 4. Tom Stockdale (MJS Racing)             13
 5. Adrian Bird (Team Echelon-Spiuk)        9
    Matt Bailey (Halesowen A & CC)          9
 7. Matt Ulmer (Qorol Novatec)		    8
    Dan Bill (Team Echelon-Spiuk)	    8
    Richard Mardle (Felt Racing)            8
10. Ewan McDonald (Epic Cycles-Viner RT)    6
    Ian Alexander (Cheltenham & County CC)  6
    Simon Burgess (Severn RC)               6
13. David Curtis-Whitfield (Felt Racing)    5
14. Ian Rees (Team Type 1)                  4
    Neil Biggs (Velo Club Montpellier)	    4
16. Glynder Griffiths (Bristol South RC)    3
17. Scott Law (Evesham Wheelers)	    2
18. Peter Georgi (Epic Cycles-Viner RT)     1
    Mark Hughes (VC Bristol)                1
20. Mark Williams (Python Racing)           1


Youth racing shows stars of the future

The Youth events, promoted by Cheltenham and County Cycling Club, have continued to increase in numbers with 36 very enthusiastic youngsters taking on the challenges Cheltenham Racecourse has to offer.

A dry but windy evening made for slightly more challenging conditions than previous weeks. The Under12s, 10s and 8s raced on the smaller 600 metres circuit with Ashley Hutchison (Cheltenham and County CC), attacking from the gun to race solo to victory, despite a valiant race long pursuit from Etienne Georgi (Mid Devon CC) who finished second in the U12s race. Ffion James (Abergavenny CC) again took the win in the U12 Girls category, whilst ever vigilant Ashley Hutchinson (Cheltenham & County CC) took the U12 boys category. Pfiefer Georgi (Mid Devon CC) won the U10’s girl race, whilst Luke Turnbull (Stratford CC) took the boy’s race. Local boy Lance Hutchinson (Cheltenham and County CC), took the win in the U8’s boys race, whilst Eleanor Legder (Stratford CC) battled hard to again win the U8 girl’s race.

The Under 16s and 14s then set off on the longer 1200 metres circuit incorporating the tough 300 metre climb up past the paddocks area, the hill, as it did with the senior's later proved a lot more testing that it first looks, with lap times of under 3 minutes there was little respite for the youngsters.

Terry Chance was winner of the U16 boys race after sprinting clear of his breakaway compatriots, with Andrew Graff (Cheltenham & County CC) finishing a heroic but disappointed second having crashed with 3 laps to go, he remounted and rejoined the break in the final lap. Alistair Ward, in only his first ever race, produced a strong performance to take fourth. Robbie Westwood (Cwmcarn Paragon) again took a well earned U14 boy’s race.

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Under 16’s
1. Terry Chance – Worcester St Johns
2. Andrew Graff – Cheltenham and County CC
3. Mathew Derrick – Oxford City

Under 14’s
1. 20 Robbie Westwood – Clumcarn Paragon
2. 19 Owen Thomas – Clumcarn Paragon
3. 17 Jack Reed – Royal Dean Forest

Under 12’s
1. 32 Ashley Hutchison – Cheltenham and County
2. 36 Ftion James - Abergevenny
3. 31 Etieine Georgi – Mid Devon CC

Under 10’s
1. 50 Luke Turnbull – Stratford CC
2. 46 Pfieffer Georgi – Mid Devon CC
3. 53 Nathan Ford – Abergavenny RC

Under 8’s
1. 63 Lance Hutchison – Cheltenham and County CC
2. 66 Llewellyn Price – Abergavenny
3. 61 Ben Sluman – Cheltenham and County CC