Friday 05 June 2009

Lesuire Lakes Circuit Series Round 1

Seniors / Women

The first round of the Leisure Lakes Bikes cycle racing series got off to a flying start at Cheltenham racecourse on Friday evening, with high octane racing wowed the large crowds that had gathered

The main race of the evening saw 52 riders take to the start line. Many riders had expected a flat and shorter circuit but little did they know that the circuit incorporated a steep ascent up towards the finish line that quickly split the fast 40km race into pieces. The race lasted for 1 hour before the last 5 laps were signalled to the racers before to the final gallop to the line.

The race quickly split, with a strong group containing the likes of Adrian Bird (Team Echelon-Spuik), Ian Alexander (Cheltenham and County CC), Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing), Perry Bowater (CC Giro) and Ian Rees (Team Type 1), breaking away from the rest of the peloton. This large group, containing these riders and others, established a strong led and left the remainder of the bunch scattered across the testing circuit.

After 20 minutes of racing, three tough riders broke clear from this group. These were Perry Bowater (CC Giro), Matt Bailey (Halesowen CC) and local rider, Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing). The three powered away from their chasing compatriots and it was clear that they were motoring away to contest the win. After 40 minutes of racing, a whistle signalled the sprint prime to be contested at the finish line. This was won by Matt Bailey, who instigated his sprint early which enabled him to pull away from his rivals.

As the hour mark approached, the chasing group started to fragment, with a succession of attacks being instigated by Adrian Bird, Ian Alexander and Oliver Graham. These split the chasing group into pieces and were moves that would eventually decide the overall result of the race.

As the race sped around the tight and fast circuit at speeds well over 30mph in places, it wasn’t long until the lap board signalled that there were 5 laps remaining.

On the last lap, the three leaders, catching lapped riders in there chase, sprinted full throttle towards the finish line at the top of the hill. Strongman Perry Bowater (CC Giro) won the race in a classy style, with Matt Bailey (Halesowen A & CC) taking second place and local boy Duncan Jamieson (Felt Racing) taking a well earned third place. The fragmented chasing group came home close behind.

The women’s race, which was held at the same time, was dominated by Marianne Britton (Max Gear RT) who quickly established a strong lead early on in the race and maintained this lead to the finish.

Perry Bowater now leads the overall circuit series going into round 2 which will be held next Friday (12.6.09) at 7:45PM. The winner of the overall series will win a complete Specialized racing bike courtesy of Leisure Lakes Bikes in Cheltenham. There are also cash prizes and sprint primes each evening. A bar, catering and music will again be provided for spectators.


 1. Perry Bowater – CC Giro
 2. Matt Bailey – Halesowen A & CC
 3. Duncan Jamieson – Felt Racing
 4. Oliver Graham – Arctic Premier RT
 5. Tom Stockdale – MJS Racing
 6. Adrian Bird – Team Echelon-Spiuk
 7. Ian Rees – Team Type 1
 8. Ewan McDonald – Epic Cycles-Viner RT
 9. Ian Alexander – Cheltenham & County CC
10. Peter Georgi – Epic Cycles-Viner RT
11. David Curtis-Whitfield – Felt Racing
12. Neil Biggs – VC Montpellier
13. Mark Hughes – VC Bristol

1. Marianne Britten – Max Gear RT
2. Anna Fischer – Max Gear RT
3. Jackie Garner – Max Gear RT
4. Naomi Anderson – London Dynamo
5. Louise Georgi – Mid Devon CC



1. Terry CHANCE - Worcester St Johns
2. Mathew DERRICK - Oxford City
3. Andrew GRAFF - Cheltenham & County CC
4. Cameron FOSTER - Banbury Star
5. Mark TAYLOR - Corinium CC

1. Jack REED - Royal Dean Forest CC
2. Rory MIMOLDKAW(?) - Stratford CC
3. Luke DAVIES - Chippenham & District CC
4. Joseph HARRIS - Stratford CC
5. Chris ROEBUCK - Oxford City
6. Dominic KIMISTER - Stratford CC

1. Thomas LANE - Stratford CC
2. Etiene GEORGI - Mid Devon CC
3. Ffion JAMES (F) - Abergavenny RC

1. Luke TURNBULL - Stratford CC
2. Megan JAMES (F) - Abergavenny RC
3. Pfiefer GEORGI (F) - Mid Devon CC
4. Lowri THOMAS - Abergavenny RC
5. Jamie WORSTENCROFT - Stratford CC
6. Reuben LEDGER - Stratford CC
7. Eleanor LEDGER (F) - Stratford CC

1. Lance HUTCHINS - Cheltenham & County CC
2. Rhys THOMAS - Abergavenny RC